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Cherokee Rose LogoEvery month we will try to feature a member of the Cherokee Rose Quilt Guild. Below you will see an example list of questions sent to be answered. If you would like to see other types of questions asked in addition to these, please send me an email using the contact page and I will add them to the list.

Here is the best way to open and view the PDF files below.
  1. Look for the year and month of the file you want to view
  2. Right click on the name
  3. Then choose "Save As" and save the file to your desktop
  4. Find the file that you saved and open it from your desktop

Current Featured Member (PDF Format)
Hazel Bradshaw

2012 Featured Members (PDF Format)
January 2012 Hazel Bradshaw

2011 Featured Members (PDF Format)
January 2011 Cathy Hanrahan
February 2011 Susan Fisher
March 2011 Ann Groves
June 2011 Joyce Trew
July 2011 Marge Frost

2010 Featured Members (PDF Format)
January 2010 Rachel Phaneuf
February 2010 Betsy Montemayor
March 2010 Rita Lee
April 2010 Jennie Hollis
May 2010 Annie Kellum
June 2010 Linda Herren
July 2010 Charlene Shanks
August 2010 Joyce Hill
September 2010 Phyllis Carpenter
October 2010 Geralynn West
November 2010 Linda Jones
December 2010 Patti Howell

2009 Featured Members (PDF Format)
January 2009 Robin Meyer
February 2009 Charlie Phaneuf
March 2009 Beverly Mahle
April 2009 Sandra Capazzi
May 2009 Albertha Brown
June 2009 Donna Jones
July 2009 Rita Perez
August 2009 Jeanne Andersen
September 2009 Brenda Senn
October 2009 Emma Parker
November 2009 Jane Wilding
December 2009 Broach Winsley

2008 Featured Members (PDF Format)
January 2008 Joan Orsi
March 2008 Irene Gardner
April 2008 Dorene Bickford
May 2008 Jessie Quick
June 2008 Carolyn Chapman
August 2008 Tina Corbett
September 2008 Ann Groves

2007 Featured Members (PDF Format)
January 2007 Caryl Knox
February 2007 Brenda Greene
April 2007 Doreen Thornton
September 2007 Diane Johnson
October 2007 Dina Greer
November 2007 Rebekah Bobel
December 2007 Dori Holt

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